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Gathering, branding, and working horses on The Diamond A Desert

A cool drink for horses and men.

Board Meeting 2001

From the left to right are Sam Marvel, Dennis Bieroth, Mark Jones, Dan Lock, and Rolly Lisle.

Bridle horses

Callused hands

Concerned Mama

Dan Lock building a loop

Dave Weaver holds his slack.

Frank Dominguez and the mare band

"Bucky Fudd"

JB Little Elmer Chex

Kit Bachman and Rolly Lisle getting ready to rope.

Diamond A Desert mare

Record keeping

Rolly Lisle

Rolly Lisle & Woody Harney holding their wraps.

Sam Marvel and Ty Van Norman

Sam Marvel

Sorting horses

From the left to right are Ty Van Norman, Woody Harney, and Rolly Lisle.

Stud band on a "sagebrush sea."

Ty Van Norman

Ty Van Norman & Frank Dominguez discuss roping.

Ty VanNorman dallies off on a colt.

Woody Harney riding a Diamond A Desert horse now owned by the PX Ranch.

Horses were gathered, taken to the ranch, and then worked in the corrals.

One of the crew riding a ranch horse working a pretty mare and her colt.

The year 2000 crew gathered for some outstanding grub at the chuckwagon.

The crew for the Millennium Horse Gather in May, 2000

Kyla Prunty on one of the Prunty Ranch paint horses.

Leading the horses into the ranch from the Diamond A Desert.

Painted horses in the Prunty ranch corrals.

Roping painted horses.

Horses in the ranch corrals

Gathering horses

Roping a starburst paint colt.

Trailing the horses from the Diamond A Desert to the Prunty headquarters ranch.

Coming into the corrals

Ranch horses



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Please contact us for further information and with any questions you may have.  We look forward to introducing you to these outstanding ranch horses and having you become part of the legend of the open range.

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